“The Unfinished” – A music expedition

Do you remember the legendary story of the 8 musicians waiting until the bitter end of the Titanic? In these days, 100 years later, the world commemorates over 1500 victims of that tragedy caused by the collision with an iceberg in the Ocean. To honor the “White Star Band”, 8 musicians from Konzerthaus Dortmund decided to take part in a special expedition. On a cruise ship, they went on stage in the North Atlantic Ocean, to finish the last song of the Titanic’s band.

“The Unfinished” is the idea developed by Jung von Matt / Neue Elbe. As 100 years ago, led by a conductor, four violinists, two cello players and a bassist. On April 15th, exactly at 02:20 o’clock, they played the last  song, “Nearer My God to Thee“. Their performance was recorded live and then digitally transferred to a buoy, which played the perfect song to loop under water, as a constant reminder of the deceased Titanic band.

The journey is documented in the blog http://www.the-unfinished.de and on Facebook.



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