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TODO LO DEMÁS ES PRESTADO (emotional gift shop)

TODO LO DEMÁS ES PRESTADO is both a spanish gift shop and a charity project made by  your feelings, because love can’t be seen or sold. Love is a gift



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The social Tattoo Project

The Social Tattoo Project is a social experiment to make empathy permanent—instead of fleeting—for world issues.

Each week, volunteers would get a tattoo that represents a worldly issue—the topic of the tattoo determined by Twitter votes. Four trends would be posted, but the most tweeted Twitter trend would be used. To vote for the topic, tweet #socialtattoo and the #trend you like out of the four to @social_tattoo.

So far five volunteers have received #human trafficking, #Haiti, #poverty, #Pray for Japan, and #Norway tattoos.

This initiative that blends art, human interest and social media, is to make the world empathize and care about the issues—inked in skin—forever.

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” come closer

shorten the distance has never been so easy.

by JvM Limmat

Trash to-go

‘ Trash’ means daily food to many people in the world. Question: Why don’t we even pay attention to that?

The Garbage Truck is a brilliant idea by Oniria TBWA and  the Food Bank foundation.

The idea: making the problem be part of people’s conversation.Take a peek and spread the word.

GIFTEE: in Japan real-world gifts sent via Twitter

It’s been several years since we first saw the emergence of real-world gifting capabilities for online friends, and it appears the trend is still going strong. After beginning in the Facebook realm, though, we’re now seeing the gift-minded offerings move to Twitter as well — now with Japanese Giftee. Currently in beta, Giftee is an online service that lets users send small “thank you” gifts via Twitter. Gift-givers begin by registering on the Giftee site and indicating the Twitter ID of the recipient they have in mind. They then choose a gift from among Giftee’s myriad of options — currently limited to the offerings from select shops in Japan — and then type a message and pay by credit card. A gift tweet is then sent via Twitter to the recipient, who logs into the microblogging service to redeem it. Donations can also be made via Giftee to Red Cross Japan and other causes. With benefits for users, merchants and the sites that make the gifting possible, it’s no wonder Giftee and others of its kind keep appearing. Time to launch something similar for all those who tweet in your part of the world? (Related: Buying drinks for friends via email, SMS or Facebook — Curated recommendations help customers choose the perfect gift — Swapping content for a tweet or Facebook mention.)



Spotted by: Katharina Kieck

taken from SPRINGWISE

Shocking Safe-Driving Awareness Ads

Bangalore Traffic Police has been running an outdoor advertising campaign using disturbing photography to shock people out of talking to their friends and families on the phone while they are driving. (Link)

Seatbelts keep people together. Campaign for Rodney District Council. (Link)

Featured in OSOCIO, a blog that focuses exclusively on social advertising campaign and non-profit campaigns which both strive to make people aware of world issues in order to make the world better. (Link | Via)

A print and outdoor campaign for the Brandhouse’s Drive Dry initiative, with an anti-drinking and driving message targeted at men. The campaign has been applauded by sober driving campaigners and a prisoner rights organization. (Link)

Saatchi New Zealand recently did a creative safe-driving billboard campaign, which showed a succession of family snapshots on roadside ads clustered closely together. “Don’t let your life flash before you,” said the final boards. “Slow down.” (Link | Via)

This ad was created for the Dutch Association of Traffic Victims and says: “Every year 40 people die using a mobile phone while driving.” Notice how the cell phone looks like a coffin. (Link)

“Sleepiness is stronger than you”. Don’t Drive Sleepy Project for ThaiHealth. (Link)


BMW – Don’t drink and drive ad campaign. (Link)



This TV ad is a very graphic video of a girl killed after she is hit by a car, in a British public safety TV commercial warning drivers to slow down.


Taken from Oddee Cool Ads – by Gracie Murano

AIDES: Smutley

Despite moving from TBWA Paris to Goodby Silverstein & Partners last year, Erik Vervroegen continues his association with the Aides cause in France. Here’s his latest 2 minute spot via Passion Pictures and featuring the Joan Jett music track ‘Bad Reputation’