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Neurowear 脳波で動く猫

What about a brand new frontier of neurocommunication?

“Neurowear” is the name of  a project that develops  fashion items and gadgets
using brain waves and other biosensors with “Augumented Human Body”.
The first project is called “Necomimi” (脳波で動く猫耳), but they are planning to development various items.

Thank you very much @Kremino for this great suggestion


GIFTEE: in Japan real-world gifts sent via Twitter

It’s been several years since we first saw the emergence of real-world gifting capabilities for online friends, and it appears the trend is still going strong. After beginning in the Facebook realm, though, we’re now seeing the gift-minded offerings move to Twitter as well — now with Japanese Giftee. Currently in beta, Giftee is an online service that lets users send small “thank you” gifts via Twitter. Gift-givers begin by registering on the Giftee site and indicating the Twitter ID of the recipient they have in mind. They then choose a gift from among Giftee’s myriad of options — currently limited to the offerings from select shops in Japan — and then type a message and pay by credit card. A gift tweet is then sent via Twitter to the recipient, who logs into the microblogging service to redeem it. Donations can also be made via Giftee to Red Cross Japan and other causes. With benefits for users, merchants and the sites that make the gifting possible, it’s no wonder Giftee and others of its kind keep appearing. Time to launch something similar for all those who tweet in your part of the world? (Related: Buying drinks for friends via email, SMS or Facebook — Curated recommendations help customers choose the perfect gift — Swapping content for a tweet or Facebook mention.)



Spotted by: Katharina Kieck

taken from SPRINGWISE

SOUR 映し鏡

Music telling #2

This new interactive music video takes a similar route to Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown but takes it one step further, with animations of windows. It may not achieve the same powerful emotional connection as the Arcade Fire video, but it’s an awesome use of the technology.

The song ‘Utsushi Kagami’ (Mirror) sings about the fact that everything and everyone around you is a mirror that reflects yourself. You can find who you are in the reflection of others. These lyrics sounded to be a great opportunity to create a fully interactive music video, collecting all the different datas on your social networking sites and using it as a platform of entertainment. Every viewing experience will be personalized based on your social network status, by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, and the webcam.


Try it yourself!