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Have you ever realized , being home, that you need something , but you don’t have time to go out or you can’t just reach the nearest supermarket? With Milk, please!  now you can be delivered at home exactly what you need and earn from it.

Milk, please! it’s a service accessible from the web, smartphone and special in store corner. You can send a request to other users in the same area and they can accept and deliver the items .

While purchasing, someone views your request, if he finds it right, he can purchase for you.

Your grocery shopping will come home, while the system handles the online payment and compensates  those who deliver your items.




IKEA BERÖRA: The iPad Glove Kit

To launch the iPad version of the IKEA-catalogue in Norway, they created a brand new IKEA product called “BERÖRA”. It´s a sewing kit with a special conductive thread to sew into say the index finger of your favourite gloves. This little operation will make your gloves, mittens or whatever work on a touch-screen. Thousand kits were made for the promotion—they sold out in two weeks.



MAGNIFICENT MONDAY: how to declare the monday after Superbowl

On the day after Super Bowl Sunday, 7 million Americans don’t show up to work, according to the hard-working folks at Coca-Cola. Another 4.4 million arrived at their places of business late this morning, according to Coke estimates.

So the brand’s marketing team (and agency team at CP+B) figured that if 11.4 million people are already not showing up or not really serving their businesses at full throttle on the Monday after Super Bowl, why not call it a day (off) and let the entire American workforce stay home for the day?

Coke Zero would like to name the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday Magnificent Monday, according to a company release. “Coke Zero believes that people can more thoroughly enjoy the big game knowing they have Magnificent Monday off,” a press release notes. “This holiday is essentially already happening, but Coke Zero is leading the charge to make it official.” And what could be more important to our national wellbeing than making sure that people are thoroughly enjoying the big game?

In keeping with the social underpinning to the modern Super Bowl, the ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek digital campaign is inviting citizens to tweet ideas on how to make Magnificent Monday a reality with the Twitter hashtag #magmonday.


TODO LO DEMÁS ES PRESTADO (emotional gift shop)

TODO LO DEMÁS ES PRESTADO is both a spanish gift shop and a charity project made by  your feelings, because love can’t be seen or sold. Love is a gift



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The social Tattoo Project

The Social Tattoo Project is a social experiment to make empathy permanent—instead of fleeting—for world issues.

Each week, volunteers would get a tattoo that represents a worldly issue—the topic of the tattoo determined by Twitter votes. Four trends would be posted, but the most tweeted Twitter trend would be used. To vote for the topic, tweet #socialtattoo and the #trend you like out of the four to @social_tattoo.

So far five volunteers have received #human trafficking, #Haiti, #poverty, #Pray for Japan, and #Norway tattoos.

This initiative that blends art, human interest and social media, is to make the world empathize and care about the issues—inked in skin—forever.

Taken from Taxi

A Big Mac Cuisine

I am not a Mc Donald’s fan, actually I am vegetarian, but..four Canadian chefs in Toronto had the task of remixing the famous Big Mac, without removing or adding any ingredient. The sandwich has been completely revisited to create different dishes for a visually sophisticated menu. Unfortunately, the content remained the same …

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Knit street art

Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera has transformed some of Paris’ unsightly potholes into colorful art installations through the magic of brightly colored fabric.

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