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The art of “couponing” a billboard

Burt’s Bees lauched an original campaign reiventing the concept “Before & After”. Instead of two pictures juxtaposed, the brand has created a billboard covered with discount coupons so that people passing by can really discover little by little the benefits of the product “after” removing each coupon.


Gucci and Fiat 500 got married (again)

A unique experiment for a fine -looking italian couple.



2012 – It’s time to tell the truth (maybe)

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Not every evil is evil

At Alamo Drafthouse they have a simple rule: if you talk or text during the movie, you will be kicked out.


That’s how a voicemail full of angry customers’ messages can be turned into an advertising campaign. Simply awesome.


thanks @ Buzzilla’s blog

Magnum pleasure hunt

Lowe Brindfors has created a lovely full-flash experience for the new Magnum ice-cream. The idea is based around the fact that the internet is a treasure full of pleasures. In this online game, you are controlling a woman who’s running around through various websites. The idea and visualisation are impressive as she not only runs around, but also drives, flies and jumps!


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Shocking Safe-Driving Awareness Ads

Bangalore Traffic Police has been running an outdoor advertising campaign using disturbing photography to shock people out of talking to their friends and families on the phone while they are driving. (Link)

Seatbelts keep people together. Campaign for Rodney District Council. (Link)

Featured in OSOCIO, a blog that focuses exclusively on social advertising campaign and non-profit campaigns which both strive to make people aware of world issues in order to make the world better. (Link | Via)

A print and outdoor campaign for the Brandhouse’s Drive Dry initiative, with an anti-drinking and driving message targeted at men. The campaign has been applauded by sober driving campaigners and a prisoner rights organization. (Link)

Saatchi New Zealand recently did a creative safe-driving billboard campaign, which showed a succession of family snapshots on roadside ads clustered closely together. “Don’t let your life flash before you,” said the final boards. “Slow down.” (Link | Via)

This ad was created for the Dutch Association of Traffic Victims and says: “Every year 40 people die using a mobile phone while driving.” Notice how the cell phone looks like a coffin. (Link)

“Sleepiness is stronger than you”. Don’t Drive Sleepy Project for ThaiHealth. (Link)


BMW – Don’t drink and drive ad campaign. (Link)



This TV ad is a very graphic video of a girl killed after she is hit by a car, in a British public safety TV commercial warning drivers to slow down.


Taken from Oddee Cool Ads – by Gracie Murano

Optus Whale song Ad

What would happen if you could write a love song for a whale?
And an orchestra went out into the ocean to play it?
Australian mobile carrier Optus did just this. Watch the amazing results or check out the website:

via YouTube thanks @BeaMantero