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The art of “couponing” a billboard

Burt’s Bees lauched an original campaign reiventing the concept “Before & After”. Instead of two pictures juxtaposed, the brand has created a billboard covered with discount coupons so that people passing by can really discover little by little the benefits of the product “after” removing each coupon.


The ex- lover blocker App

Everyone knows how hard is to end a relationship, but also how easy could be to make a big mistake and call her again. The ex-lover block is the new application that helps you not to call your ex girlfriend. Download the application, block your ex girlfriend number and choose those friends going to protect you.

In case of relapse, if you call her again, the application blocks the call and simultaneously sends a message to your friends. It’s time for redemption but if you can’t redeem, a message will appear on to your Facebook wall saying you are a looser.

Gucci and Fiat 500 got married (again)

A unique experiment for a fine -looking italian couple.



“TAD Talks” – Cloud Computing by Microsoft

Deutsch NY and Cosmo Street, created a 3-minute TED Talks spoof  promoting Microsoft new private cloud IT solutions.

Tad, head salesman for VMlimited attempts to deliver some deep cloud wisdom despite being stuck in a virtual world. His critics say he’s stuck in the past and peddling cloud solutions that are as outdated as his wardrobe


“The Unfinished” – A music expedition

Do you remember the legendary story of the 8 musicians waiting until the bitter end of the Titanic? In these days, 100 years later, the world commemorates over 1500 victims of that tragedy caused by the collision with an iceberg in the Ocean. To honor the “White Star Band”, 8 musicians from Konzerthaus Dortmund decided to take part in a special expedition. On a cruise ship, they went on stage in the North Atlantic Ocean, to finish the last song of the Titanic’s band.

“The Unfinished” is the idea developed by Jung von Matt / Neue Elbe. As 100 years ago, led by a conductor, four violinists, two cello players and a bassist. On April 15th, exactly at 02:20 o’clock, they played the last  song, “Nearer My God to Thee“. Their performance was recorded live and then digitally transferred to a buoy, which played the perfect song to loop under water, as a constant reminder of the deceased Titanic band.

The journey is documented in the blog and on Facebook.


The Twitter ride

Go and visit the Smart Argentina twitter page and hold down J to watch the first Twitter commercial.



Social CV with Facebook Timeline

Truth to be told, I have always disliked Facebook Timeline but here is a very clever use of it.

It’s true, every cloud as a silver (time)lining 🙂

Check the Social CV by María Mayor Perez