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Teach parents tech support

Another great Google idea: Tech support care package for parents

Keep tech support a family business. Send a tech support care package to mom & dad.


SOUR 映し鏡

Music telling #2

This new interactive music video takes a similar route to Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown but takes it one step further, with animations of windows. It may not achieve the same powerful emotional connection as the Arcade Fire video, but it’s an awesome use of the technology.

The song ‘Utsushi Kagami’ (Mirror) sings about the fact that everything and everyone around you is a mirror that reflects yourself. You can find who you are in the reflection of others. These lyrics sounded to be a great opportunity to create a fully interactive music video, collecting all the different datas on your social networking sites and using it as a platform of entertainment. Every viewing experience will be personalized based on your social network status, by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, and the webcam.


Try it yourself!